Mens Plastics 1 vs Jaguar 2, 22 Jan 2013

Mens Plastics 1 9 – 0 Jaguar 2

Nick F & Simon T | David P & Aaron G | David W & John W

With a 7-2 victory over Jaguar 2 quite recently, we expected to be at least in with a chance with our home advantage; that’s exactly how it turned out. Our opening pairs had little difficulty in securing a 2-0 lead before sacrificing the extra court to a surprisingly busy club night on a cold January evening. The Walker family then did what we have come to expect of them and wrapped up the third rubber with little difficulty. At this point there were mumblings about the “blue lines” but we’ve come to expect that when playing at home (especially if we’re winning). Consider it a “home advantage” since we have no crowd as such to get behind us.

From there it was reasonably plain sailing although there were some close games to be had and the Walkers even had to go to three ends to rack up their third rubber. In the end, Oakbrook ran out comfortable winners and it’s good to see the team back on track. Having lost the first three games of the season, we’re now on a four match winning streak which has seen us climb back up the table and once again aiming squarely at mid-table mediocrity. God forbid that we should get promotion to Division 1!

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  • SimonT says:

    Whoo 🙂

    I think this is the most successful team I’ve ever played in at Oakbrook! It’s all relative, but I now view mid-table as a mighty achievement 😀

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