Fixture updates

Bad weather and unavailable teams have caused a number of postponements in the fixture lists. I’ve just uploaded new fixture lists:

Fixtures by date has been updated.

Fixtures by team has been re-vamped to show the venue (for Simon) and also the score for completed games; I hope to keep this up to date as the season progresses.

Enjoy! 🙂

3 Responses to Fixture updates

  • SimonT says:

    Thanks David, always a pain having to rearrange them so good work 🙂

    Very nice of you also to put the venue on the files; is it also possible to add them to the online Calendar so when I click on the calendar it pops up the venue in the little pop-up box?

  • David says:

    Maybe next season. I don’t fancy editing all those fixtures in Google Calendar right now 🙂

  • SimonT says:

    Fair enough 🙂 I’ve never investigated Google Calendar so have no idea what’s easy/hard to change on it! I’m pretty impressed we have a calendar at all; it’s very useful.

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