Mens Plastics 1 vs Grenhilheg, 30 Jan 2013

Grenhilheg 3 – 4 Mens Plastics One

Nick F & Simon T | David W & John W | David P & David R

Just in case no-one writes a better match report for this one… here’s a quick one!

With only 20 mins left before we got kicked out of the hall, the situation was:

  • Nick and Simon had played two games, winning both by small margins with some good smashes from Nick and backhands from Simon.
  • David and David had played all three games, with some very nice drop-shots, but weren’t able to take any of them, although the three-set one was close.
  • David and John had only finished one match (which they’d won).

So that meant the score in the match was 3-3, and the only game that would have time to finish was the one David and John were in the middle of playing – against the opposition’s top pair.  And it had gone to three ends.  And it was 21-21.  And John decided now was a good time to put in a couple of unreturnable smashes and take it 23-21.  🙂

Probably we’d have won 5-4 anyway if we’d had time to finish, since Nick and Simon had time to lose the first set against that top pair, and David and John had time to win the first set in their third match, before we got ousted.

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  • David says:

    Apologies to Mr. Randall for having the misfortune of pairing up with me for the night. My head was never in the game and I played my worst badminton of the season; I should stick to the drop shots. It was good, however, to extend our winning streak to 5 matches. Better stop now before we run the risk of promotion 🙂

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