Combined Plastics 2 V Wisewood 1

Ladies: Charlotte, Linda, Dawn

Men: Dave, David, Willie

Results 5-4

The team all arrived at Wisewood nice and early, at the promise of having 3 courts, but with a little trepidation at playing Wisewood 1, since we’d lost to Wisewood 2 (6-3) earlier in the season.

The first 3 games we played set us up for a nice early lead.  Charlotte and Linda won their ladies, Dave and David (standing in for Chris) won their mens and Dawn and Willie won their mixed.  Buzzing from our success we all went on again – only to lose the next 3 rubbers (2 of which went to 3 and were very close).  From our great start, we found ourselves at a score of 3-3 with our last 3 rubbers (all mixed) to play.

Charlotte and Dave fought hard in their first game, and had a close win of 23-21.  In the second end they’d found their stride and won easily with a final score of 21-13.

David and Linda went on to play at the same time as Willie and Dawn – in the knowledge that the score was 4-3 and there was everything to play for.  When Willie and Dawn lost in 2 close games, it was down to David and Linda to save the day.  David confessed to ‘usually bottling it’ when such a demand was on him and at one game each things were on a knife edge! Despite these worries, they played magnificently in the final game and succeeded in securing the team a win with an overall score of 5-4!

Thank you to all for turning up early and playing hard, and to David for standing in at short notice.

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  • David says:

    It’s true, I’m a complete choker! However, when we turned around in the final game and we were 11-2 up, even I couldn’t manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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