Abbeydale Park D vs. Mens Feathers

Tuesday 6th December 2011


Simon O, Aaron G | Nick F, Simon T | Tipue M A, Ed S

A full team for the first time this year arrived in Abbeydale for the second of six fixtures against Abbeydale in this division.

Their first pair was their strongest, and we lost all our games against them, though they were all close, and Aaron and Simon O took them to three games.

Their second pair was their weakest, and we won all our games against them, including a convincing 21-8 21-8 win by Aaron and Simon O on top form.

So the match was decided with the three games against their third pair. Aaron and Simon O weren’t able to continue their good run, and narrowly lost 20-22, 18-21. Tipue and Ed went closer still, losing 21-23, 20-22. Nick and Simon T played their best in this game and won 21-18, 21-17, but overall the team was one game short of victory and lost 4-5.

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