Abbeydale Park E vs. Mens Feathers

Sunday 11th December 2011


Tipue M A, Simon O | Andrew B, Simon T | David W, Alfie S

Abbeydale’s E team are made up of a number of their juniors, with a probable average age of about 15. This is their first time in the feathers league, and they’ve been finding it hard going – they told us they’d lost all their first 8 matches either 1-8 or 0-9 this year – so we were hoping for our second victory of the year.

Playing a strong first pair of Tipue and Simon O, we were confident of them taking all three games. They took a while to warm up and only just won the first game 24-22, but from then on eased to victory, mostly 21-13s and 21-12s.

The only other regular Feathers team player, Simon T, paired up with Andrew for his first feathers game in some time. All their games were close, particularly a 27-25 victory in one game, but their experience (and ability to duck under all the bullets that went out at the back) was enough to see them win every game by two or three points each time.

Our third pair saw David, one of our most regular substitutes, paired with Alfie, new to our team and having to relearn how feathers fly. Their games were all equally as close as Simon and Andrew’s, but sadly the result of each was a loss by a small margin. Their closest effort saw them finish 19-21 in the third game, and certainly they were deserving of winning one of their three.

Thanks to our substitutes for giving us a team, and a 6-3 victory is our best so far this season so we’re happy with that.

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