Peg board

The new peg board was in operation tonight. I hope that it will serve us well for a few years at least. The peg board features the logo that I “borrowed” from Oakbrook Juniors (the same one as in the banner above) but I think it’s a good candidate for the logo on our shirts. Let me know what you think and we should be able to make progress on those shirts after all.

2 Responses to Peg board

  • Dawn says:

    The board is looking good – a particularly big thank you to all those who helped ‘create’ it: in no particular order – David (and Pete) for the logo, Len for creating the frame for it and adding the chain, Abbeydale for the idea, Anne for picking it up and Andrew for bringing it down and Simon for (always) organising the pegs so promptly. If I’ve forgotten anyone, my apologies!

  • David says:

    Further thanks go to Len for adding the notice board to the peg board. Our new board is now looking fantastic and I’m sure it will be the envy of many a visiting team.

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