Oakbrook Handicap Tournament 2013

Many thanks to everyone who turned up to play in the tournament; it’s always a headache when there’s a “no show”. There were lots of tight matches with 5 of them going to 20-20 before being decided. There were also plenty of matches decided by 5 points or less so I hope everyone felt they’d has a good competitive night. The handicappers (Dawn & myself) are very pleased with themselves as everyone involved won at least 2 games. Congratulations to Joan for winning the tournament and also to Xophie and Dan who won prizes. You can see the final results by clicking this link.


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  • SimonT says:

    Thanks for organising, Pooleys 🙂 Handicapping the tournament is about as tricky and thankless as refereeing football matches, but I thought they were pretty good overall and the majority of mine felt well balanced.

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