University vs. Mens Feathers

Thursday 13 October 2011


Ed S, Simon O | Nick F, Simon T | Tipue M A, Willie McK

The uni had been a division above us for the last few years, but were relegated down to our division this year, so this was the first match with them for a while, and the first time we’d played them at Hillsborough College (which turned out to be relatively easy to find but almost impossible to get into).  Their first pair were noticeably a level above us, and they won their three games easily.  Their other pairs were more our level, and we had some very close matches – five of the six going to the third game.  Nick and Simon won both theirs, finishing each with a narrow 21-19 victory.  Ed and Simon came from behind to win one, and then dropped from ahead to lose the other.  Tipue and Willie made a brave and tiring effort, but were unable to win either despite a tense 24-22 victory in one of the games.

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