New Treasurer Required

Hi all,

After many years of undertaking the role of Treasurer of the club, Morag Denver will be stepping down at this year’s AGM.  We therefore need someone to step into the role to ensure that the financials of the club can carry on being well managed.

A rough overview of the responsibilities can be found below:

  • Collect subs and visitor fees with assistance from the Assistant Treasurer and other committee members
  • Collect match fees from the captains
  • Bank any cash/cheques received
  • Pay for the sports hall each month
  • Pay for or reimburse for other sundry items e.g. league fees, tournament prizes
  • Check bank statements
  • Produce a summary sheet at the end of April showing totals, by category, of money in and money out and a simple subtraction to show how much profit/loss the club has made over the season
  • Prior to the AGM suggest the level of subs for the following season

Morag will happily hand over any relevant documentation and knowledge to help the new treasurer in their new role.

Please get in touch with Mark Jarvis or James Sedgley at a club night or e-mail if you’re interested in the role.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Morag for her work over the past years, and to say that it’s people like her that keep the club going.

The Oakbrook Badminton Club Committee

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