Summer Badminton

The final session of the regular season will be on Tuesday 28th April. There will not be any Friday sessions after this date until the new season starts again in September.

But don’t worry, badminton will continue!

Summer badminton will be returning as of Tuesday 5th May. These session will run from 7:45 til 10pm on Tuesdays all the way through till the end of August. You will have the option of paying a one fee of £25 for every summer badminton session or you can pay £3 on each night if you’d prefer.

Oakbrook Badminton Tournament 2015 – Results!

Hi all,

Thank you to everyone who played last night and made it such a fun and competitive event.

I’m pleased to announce the results were as follows:

1st Overall – Mark Jarvis

1st Lady – Sue Peace
2nd Lady – Joan Hadfield
3rd Lady – Nicola Connell

2nd Man – Juan Arenas
3rd Man – Sufi Othman

The full spreadsheet of results can be downloaded here: 2015 Results


Christmas Period Club Sessions

Good Evening to One and All of Oakbrook Badminton Club,

As I’m sure you are aware it is getting very close to Christmas and therefore the sports hall is going to be closed, so I thought it would be worth clarifying the dates of our final session of the year and the first of the new year.

The final session of the year will be on Friday 18th December and the first session back after the festive celebrations will be on Tuesday 6th January.

I hope everyone has a cracking (pun intended) festive break and if I don’t see you before, I wish everyone a splendid Christmas and a prosperous and flourishing New Year!!


Fixtures lists updated again!

Hi all,

Please see the latest copy of the fixtures lists below:


Latest fixtures lists

Hi all,

Please see the below page for the latest versions of the fixtures lists:


Cancelled Session – 17th June

I have received an email today from Interserve (the people who run the sports hall at Kings Edwards). They have informed me that the Sports Hall will be closed next week on 17th June due to an all day sports event which is booked in.

Sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience or undue stress.


Badminton back on, on 20 May

We thought the hall would be off-limits due to exams this week, but we’ve been told that we’ll actually be ok for Tuesday 20 May after all.

So that means badminton will go ahead as usual this Tuesday, 20 May, 1945-2200, and every Tuesday after that until the end of August, until the main season kicks in again in September.  See you there – members and visitors all welcome!  (see post below for more details of summer badminton)

AGM 2014

Hi all,

Please see the below details about the Oakbrook Badminton Club AGM:

Place: Laycocks Sports Club, Archer Road, S8 0JZ (

Date: Monday 19th May
Time: 1915

You should have received an E-mail from Simon with all of the details including the agenda. If you have not, please contact Simon via the details on the Contact page.

See you all there!


Summer Badminton: May – August

Oakbrook are running Summer Badminton from May to August to make sure we can all still remember how to play by the time the main season restarts in September.

Summer badminton sessions are the same as our normal club sessions, except for the following:

1) They are on Tuesdays only* (not Fridays).

2) They are from 1945-2200 (instead of our usual 1900-2200).

3) The fees are completely separate from the main season and are the same for both visitors and normal Oakbrook members: (a) £25 for the whole of May, June, July and August, or (b) £3 per session.

4) There is no “membership” for summer, so we are more lenient on the standard of players – this is therefore an ideal time to come along and try out the club in advance of the main season in September.

5) There will be only two courts instead of four, but they’re the white lines and there won’t be any matches getting in the way.

6) It will be** warmer, lighter and generally more pleasant outside for your journey back home afterwards.


* Note: Sessions are every Tuesday in May, June, July and August with the exceptions of Tuesday 6 May and Tuesday 20 May when there is no badminton at all because the school hall is being used for exams.  So don’t turn up on Tuesday 6 May or 20 May!

** It had better be, or I’m taking ‘summer’ back for a refund.

Brunswick C vs Mens Feathers

Brunswick C 9 -0 Oakbrook

Gavin B & Simon T | Tipue M A & Aamir K | Tom M & David W

Our final feathers match was rather a disappointment, and an anticlimax at the end of our season.  Not so much for the fact that we lost 9-0 (we’ve been on the wrong end of that scoreline a couple of times every season, and are quite used to it by now!) but more for the lack of enjoyable badminton played.  This was due to the exceptionally slow speed of the shuttles at Brunswick – which caused all our players problems throughout the evening.  The one upside was that their fastest smashes which we’d struggled to return in the last match were now much more easily returnable.  But the downsides were that we failed to get any penetration from our own smashes, our lifts kept falling a long way short of the back line, but most significantly we mis-timed huge numbers of shots, often having finished playing the shot before the shuttle turned up.  This all led to a lot of mistakes and shorter, less fulfilling rallies than we’d enjoyed against them at home a week before.

Brunswick’s players seemed happy enough with the slow speed, and due to being used to it were not finding timing problems.  All the games went the same way – comfortable wins for Brunswick while Oakbrook players took all evening to get used to the shuttles, with all three Oakbrook pairs’ scores getting a little better each rubber as they grew more accustomed to them.  We’d have needed another three games each to be more comfortable, and even then we’d have not come close to winning as Brunswick are undoubtedly a better side.  But we might at least have found it a little more fun in defeat.

By the end of the evening, Tom & David and Tipue & Aamir had identical scores of 74-126, with Gavin & Simon faring a little better less badly, taking their final game to three ends and finishing with 119-142.  Thanks to Tom and David for putting in a solid performance for us as stand-ins for Aaron and Glen.

Thanks also to all the main team (Gavin, Aamir, Tipue, Glen and Aaron) for their play over the whole of this year and of course our huge collection of substitutes too numerous to name – maintaining things over the course of the season while always getting out a team for the matches being definitely a club-wide-effort at times!

According to the current league table, while Brunswick and Rawmarsh take the two promotion spots and fight between themselves for 1st and 2nd, Oakbrook’s team have won half of their matches, lie third, and can’t be caught by those below – so actually in the top half of the league table – a rare achievement for our team!  Congratulations to all involved.